Abyssinian cats

Abyssinian cats, breed informationAbyssinia is a former name of Ethiopia. It is believed that the Abyssinian cats originated there. Their importation into Europe is linked to the name of Captain Barrett Leonard, who returns from the Abyssinian troops, carrying two kittens in the UK, only one of which – called Zula – removes. Whether modern Abyssinian cats originate from Zula is not certain, but it is known that they were present at the famous Cat Exhibition in 1871 at Crystal Palace, making them one of the oldest recognized breeds. It is also certain that all current animal representatives come from cats from the UK.

There are seven types of Abyssinian cats. Traditionally, there are golden brown representatives with black shades. The base of the coat is red-orange or peach. The nose is red and the cushions are black.
In addition, red-brown cats with pink noses and cushions, gray-blue, light-beige, and silver are also found. Outside of these colors, which is considered a prerequisite for the cat to participate in races, there are Abyssinian cats in “chocolate” and in light lilac color.

The perfect Abyssinian Cat should have:
– Small, wide around the eyes, elongated head, medium-length nose;
– Orange-yellow eyes with green, large and round elements;
– Nose with brick-red color and edges in black;
– Graceful body, quick reaction, smooth movements;


Abyssinian cats, breed information

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