Birman cat

birman cat, breed cats, catsIt is assumed that the Birman cat originated in Burma, where it was baptized by the local priests. Not by chance, the breed is also known as the “Holy Birman cat”.

Perhaps around 1919, male and female specimens were taken to France. Only the female cat – Sita, she had grown on the long journey, but fortunately it turned out she was pregnant. All of today’s breeders came from this litter.

In 1925, French fennelologists recognized the Birman cat as an official breed.After the end of World War II, however, there were only 2 cats of the breed across Europe, which forced it to be crossed with other breeds.
The perfect Birman cat is large, elongated and beaten. There is a silky soft long coat, but not so thin as for Persian cats, for example. Its color is bright, with the limbs, the muzzle and the tail overflowing in a dark color like the Siamese cats.
The character of the Birman cat is wonderful – they are playful, elegant but at the same time quiet and unobtrusive.

birman cat, breed cats, cats

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The Legend of Burmese Cats
Many centuries ago, the Lao-Jazan Monastery, situated near a sparkling lake surrounded by majestic mountains, is protected by 100 white, yellow-eyed cats and long silk skins. The beautiful statue of Tsung Quan Ce goddess, made of gold with sapphire eyes, was kept in the temple. The goddess overhears the souls’ press. The chief monk Munhah, whose long beard is woven with a golden thread as a sign of his high spiritual name, dedicated to the goddess, often meditated on the golden statue of the goddess. Along with him he has always been his faithful and beloved friend, the wonderful cat, the Son.

Son always participated in the meditation of his owner. As the monk meditated, the cat stared at the goddess’s beautiful sapphire eyes. One night, when the moon shone, Mun-ha communicated with the sacred goddess Tsung Quan Ce. He fell into deep meditation. His faith was so strong that he did not feel pain when the temple was attacked by marauders and the monk was killed.

At the moment his lord’s son, Sinch, laid his paws on the monk’s garments and stood before the gold goddess. There was an amazing change in one moment. The white coat of the Sinh covered with the golden glow that flowed from the beautiful golden goddess. The eyes of the Son became like her deep sapphire eyes. His faces, ears, legs and tail received their velvet brown color on the fertile land, but his four paws, which were still lightly laid on his master, remained pure white, and white was a symbol of purity. The next morning, the temple became one of the biggest cats that together with Sinh reflected the golden colors of hundreds of shining sunrises.

The son did not move from his place, he stayed where his master killed him and stared at the goddess’s sapphire eyes. Exactly 7 days later, Sinch died, taking with him the nirvana the soul of his master monk Munhah …

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