British Shorthair cat

british breed cat, british shorthair cats, breed informationThe British Shorthair is also known as the British Blue Shorthair, which is not very accurate, as one breed originates from the other and is a subspecies. In practice gray-bluish-colored British shorthaired cats are defined as British blue.

Representatives of the breed have a very dense and plush fur. The body is round and firm, and the eyes are round and copper in color.

British shorthaired cats have a good character. They are delighted to live even narrow homes, do not claim much attention, are not hyperactive, although sometimes they can be playful.

It is known that breeders, more often than other cats, suffer from dental problems and therefore their owners should take preventive measures to do so.

There are several well-known British shorthaired cats. The Cheshire Cat from “Alice in the Wonderland” is represented in the original illustrations precisely as a British Shorthair. The food advertiser of Wieskes is also of the breed. Griffin – Aunt Og’s cat from Terry Porthit’s book series is a British Blue Cat.


british breed cat, british shorthair cats, breed information

Breed information

The British do not like to embrace or carry them in their hands. They are happy to be with their owner and follow it everywhere. If they wear the hands, they feel insecure and dependent, and this is below their cat’s dignity. In addition, these big and heavy animals feel very uncomfortable without the support under their feet.
In its relations with people, the British short-sightedness retains its independence, which does not allow it to become its absolute owner, but rather the opposite. It only does what it deems necessary. It is best to define their attitude towards the others so. Britons treat themselves only to those people who love them and are understood only with those animals that do not bother them with a difficult tolerable presence.

Due to their independent nature and not requiring special care, the fur of British shorthaired cats is very suitable for people who spend a lot of time in the office. Not by chance they call the British “cats for businessmen”.

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