Burmese cat

Burmese cat, Burmese cat informationThe name “Burman Cat” is extremely erroneous. The problem comes from the presence of two breeds “Birman” and “Burmese”, which translate equally “Burmese”. In both cases, the name comes from Burma.

Bournemouth cats are a breed divided into two sub-groups: American Burmese and British Burman cats. For the first time as a breed, the Bournemouth cat was recognized by the American Fellowship Association in 1936. The subsequent intensive breeding of the breed, which was carried out with not few Siamese cats, which lost the characteristics of the Bournemouth. It was not until the 1960s, after a long selective breeding, that they began to acquire their original traits.

Bournemouth cats are traditionally brown in color and with copper eyes, but thanks to their selective breeding today there is a wide range of colors. Exceptionally, cats with blue eyes are also seen as a result of mixing with Siamese cats.

Bournemouth cats are known as open and friendly cats. They are extremely intelligent and have a loud voice that often reminds them of their owner.

It is believed that the breed originates from Thailand, which was then called Siam, along with Siamese cats. During the 18th Century attacks in Burma, soldiers took cats of their breed and carried them to Burma.

Burmese cat, Burmese cat information

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