Devon rex

.devon rex, cat breedOrigin and development

In 1960, in England, in the county of Devonshire, a kinky blue-tailed kitten was born, similar in the type of hair cover to the mutant parent of the Cornish rex breed (gene II). The kitten was called Kirsh. Initially, it was thought to be a kinship rex. But when they crossed each other, they were given a straight-haired offspring, which proved that devon and cornish bear perfectly different rex genes. She worked on a selection program, forbidden crossing with cats of the Cornish rex cat. In 1969 the breed standard was created, and we call it the Devon Rex.

Exterior and standard

It is distinguished by a strong, slender, muscular body of medium size, wide chest and graceful neck. The head has a triangular shape, expressing cheekbones and massive trim. The nose is short and has a pronounced stop, and the forehead is bevelled. The ears are large, broad at the base and with rounded edges, completely covered with thick silky-like hair. With hairy or non-furry skin folds at the back of the ear shell (the so-called ear cushion).

The eyes are wide, large, almond-shaped, slightly elongated towards the ears. Their color should be in harmony with the color of the coat – yellow or green. The limbs are long and slender, with the hindquarters longer than the front, and the paws are moderately oval in shape. The tail is thin, long, pointed at the end, covered with dense, short hair. Coat consists of short, tender, soft and curly hairs with subcoat. The Vibrites are highly developed, medium long and wavy. Color can be varied. Siamese cats are known as sirex, which is not recognized by FIFe as a single breed, except for blue-eyed specimens (ie with Siamese breeds).
Shortcomings of the breed consider: balding, wretched fur, very faint hair, also white spots are considered a flaw (except for the tortoiseshell with white).

Color variants – examples:
DRX g 03 – Devon rex blue-cream turtle

Qualities and behavior

Devon Rex cats are energetic and playful and they love lasses and can easily attach to family members.


devon rex, cat breed

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