Feeding cats.. the wrong and the right tips

food cat, healty food, human foodLike any living creature, the cat needs a complete and quality food. Depending on the period of their development and the physiological state, the cat’s needs of nutrients and energy change. In the periods of growth of the organism and during pregnancy, cats are particularly sensitive to the lack or lack of even one of the necessary nutrients.

It is therefore very wrong to eat only meat or fish. The wild ancestors from which they came from swallowed their prey with the guts and fur, which provided them with the necessary vitamins, ballast substances for good peristalsis, micro- and macro-elements. To the meat or fish you feed the cat, you need to add plant and mineral substances.

Egg can give the cat no more than twice a week. It is easier to digest the raw eggs, but given the frequent cases of salmonellosis, it is desirable to boil. Meat or fish also boil because of the danger of parasitic diseases common to the cat and the animals from which the meat was derived. The daily ration of an adult cat is between 120 and 250 g, and 60-70% of the quantity should be high protein food (meat, egg, curd etc.) Carbohydrates and ballast substances are satisfied with oat nuts, carrots, cauliflower, pasted tomatoes or peppers. With a well-balanced diet, vitamins and minerals are rarely needed.

Little kittens have the same nutritional needs, but nutrition should be 3 or 4 times due to the smaller stomach volume.

Pregnant cats, especially during the second half of pregnancy and in the lactation period, require two to four times more protein, which is also given several times.

The temperature of the food should be close to the room temperature. Very hot or cold food can cause digestive disorders, and in small kittens and to death. Do not forget to put some salt in the ration. Restrict the spices in cat food.

As for small cats, here’s the recipe that can successfully replace stern: 20g. milk, 40g. broken egg or egg powder, 5g. glucose and 35g. water;
The ingredients are mixed and given “at will” with a small animal pacifier or a dropper gutter.

Sick cats should be fed as prescribed by the veterinarian.


food cat, healty food, human food

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