German Rex

german rex, breed information, german rex informationOrigin and development

The breed is the cat called Lemen, who was born in the Bohemian Veterinary Clinic in Berlin in 1957. Originally she was crossed with ordinary cats and later with her own sons. Later she also crossed her with cats from the English breeds Devon Rex and Cornish Rex. At the International Felinology Exhibition for the first time cats of the breed were shown in 1970. In the following years, several cats of this breed were exported to the North American continent where they also had offspring with wavy coat.

The division of the German rex as a separate breed from the other rex cats took place in 1967 by the English cat associations and the American ones only in 1979. The breed was officially registered by other international organizations.

Exterior and standard

The body is medium in size, well muscled, not very massive, with a rounded, wide chest. The head is rounded, with well-developed cheekbones and massive trim. The nose at the base is slightly flattened, the stop is not very pronounced. The ears are wide, large, rounded at the end. Their outer side is densely hairy and the inner-weak. The eyes are medium-sized, wide open, slightly elongated towards the nose. They have a bright color, corresponding to the color of the coat.

The limbs are thin, medium length and small oval paws. The tail is medium length with a conical shape, covered with dense hair. The hair cover is short, soft, fine (silky-like), slightly curled, without subcoat. The color can be any color.
For shortcomings of the breed are considered: straight or very ruffled hair, lack of single spots of hair (baldness), very short or endless tail, very long or pointed head, small ears, poorly developed muscles, skeletal defects, and the bite.

Color variants – examples:
Any coloring, as well as a combination with white (in this case the classification is the same as for two-color and three-color short-haired cats).
GRX n 03 – German rex black and white bikolor

Qualities and behavior

Cats of the German rex breed are calm, playful and playful, especially with children.

german rex, breed information, german rex information

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