Maine coon cats

1.Maine coon cats, maine coon breedOrigin and development

The breed was established in the United States in 1860 by the crossbreeding of productive American farm cats with Turkish Angora and unparalleled shorthaired cats. The name is a combination on behalf of the US State of Maine, and the similarity with the coat and muzzle of the American raccoon enot.

The males sometimes reach up to 10-15 kg and the females up to 5-8 kg.

According to an ancient legend, her ancestors were enot and cat, thanks to which Maine-Cuuna inherited the striped color and other signs of the American Enot (fur, muzzle).

Although this hybridization is totally impossible,and the name Maine-cum is left.  Mr. Pace mention the breed for first time. In 1867 described an attractive black maine-coon called Merring. Cats of this breed became popular in New England, winning prizes at many cat exhibitions last century, and even gained a great exposure at Madison Square Garden in 1895. The breed was officially recognized by all international organizations and nowadays is widespread in Europe and other countries around the world.

Exterior and standard

The body of the main cane is elongated, large, with developed muscles. The head is  wide, with a wedge-shape, muzzle, and square nose. The ears are large,  and overgrown with hairs. The eyes are large, not very sloping, most often green. He has high limbs and large oval paws. The tail is long, fluffy, the coat is dense, and freely falling down.

The head and shoulders are significantly shorter, forming a pronounced “collar”. The undercoat is tender to touch, and the hairs are shorter (compare with Persian cats) and moderately greasy to drain the water on them. In summer, the coat of the body is shorter than in the winter, whereas there is no change in the tail. The standard allows a different coloring and drawing of the hair cover except the one-tone brown or Siamese type of coloring.

Color variations are many, here is an example of coverage:
1.MCO n 22 – black marble tab
2.MCO n 23 – black tiger tab
3.MCO d 22 – red marble tab
4.MCO 21 – Maine-Cuun with Aguti-Factor
5.MCO 21 03 – Maine-cue with agouti factor with white

Qualities and behavior

Maine-dog is a very attractive cat, and have sociable and relax nature. He quickly attach to all family members. He is not aggressive. Cats of this breed are strong, fertile, cuddly and resistant to the conditions of a humid and cool climate, making them sailors favorite. They are obedient, gentle and loving, love temperament and unusually enjoyable. Generic polycystics (unnecessary fingers) appear in generations.

Maine coon cats, maine coon breed

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