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Oriental shorthaired breeds come from Siamese cats, which is why they have some resemblance to them (exterior and temperament), but they are distinguished by eye coloration. Their characteristic features are bright green eyes (no yellow shade), with bright white eyes only with white Oriental cats.

Their representatives are distinguished by elegance and elegance. Today, the oriental short-haired cat is officially recognized by all cat associations, the standard of which, cats are distinguished among themselves mainly on the color of the hair cover.

Exterior and standard

The Oriental Cat is elegant and exquisite. It has a medium long, drained, flexible body. The neck is long and thin. The dimensions of the body, limbs, head and tail are proportional and harmonious. The head is medium sized, wedge-shaped, long, narrow, with a noticeably protruding chin. The nose is long and straight, continuing along the forehead without a stop.

The ears are large, broad at the base, with their edges slightly tapered. The eyes are broadly placed, medium-sized, almond-shaped, bright green (only white with a bright blue color), obliquely in relation to the nose. The limbs are long, thin, with small oval paws. The hind limbs are slightly longer than the front. The tail is long, straight, ending conical. Coat is short, gentle, shiny, firmly adhering to the body.

The coloring should preferably be one tone, each hair being uniformly colored throughout its length. Vibris and strips should be single-colored, corresponding to the color of the coat. Breasts of a breed are considered to be a massive body, round head, short, thick or curved tail, as well as a yellowish tinge to the eyes and white spots or individual white hairs on the fur.

Color variants: examples

1. ORI b – Oriental brown (Havana)
2. ORI n – Oriental black (ebony)
3. ORI a – oriental blue
4. ORI with – oriental purple
5. ORI d – Oriental red
6. ORI is – Oriental Cream
7. ORI f – Oriental turtle
8. ORI g – Oriental turtle-blue
9. ORI h – Oriental tortoise-chocolate
10. ORI j – oriental turtle-purple
11. ORI ns – Oriental black smoked
12. ORI as – Oriental blue smoked

Qualities and behavior

Oriental cats are very energetic, playful and curious animals. For their cultivation a spacious home for movement and games is needed.


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