Persian cat

persian cat, information cat, information cat breed, persian cat breedWith its proud stature and intelligence, the Persian Cat has not accidentally made Jean Coctee call this sophisticated breed “The King of the Cat”. The Persian appeared for the first time in Europe in the 16th century, carried away from Asia by Italian explorers. An exotic-looking Persian loves and prefers a relaxed, cozy life with closed doors. She is loyal, quiet, educate. In some bad cases, however, she may be rather lazy and holding only too much of her comfort over everything else. But even that can be excused, considering the good feelings and affection that she testifies to her few people. Extremely proud of its classical, long-haired cover, the Persian long-time maintenance is require to look good.

Persian cats have short, very bony legs to support broad and short bodies. They love their feet firmly on the ground and do not like to jump high and climb. Games, but never annoying, they love to pose and lie down on their favorite window or chair. Persian cats are very compassionate and become a constant source of joy and bliss of their owners.

Their long scrolling coat requires them not to go out. Proper care requires daily combinations to prevent their fur coat. From time to time, bathing after cutting and cutting the toenails will keep the coat clean, healthy and beautiful. It is good to have bathing while they are young.

Keeping your cat at home will protect her from diseases and parasites, as well as the dangers of urban life. With an annual visit to a faithful vet and good food, they can live for 15 years, and some even exceed 20. Cross between Persian cats is okey only with healthy animals. A well-crossed Persian cat does not easily succumb to diseases and infections. Although large eyes cause tearing and it is good to wash their faces daily.


persian cat, information cat, information cat breed, persian cat breed

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