Sphynx cat

Sphynx cat, Sphynx cat, Sphynx, Sphynx cat, breeds, Sphynx cat, historySphynx cat are the most unusual and exotic representatives of the cattery. Their strange and even a bit “alien” appearance leaves no one indifferent. One of the two – delight or total disgust. Average position as a rule does not exist.

Cats without fur (or, if you prefer, naked cats) are not a new phenomenon. They are mentioned in ancient times, we see them and depicted on ancient works of art. And then they considered these cats as peculiar, worshiped and deified. Goliath cats had the Aztec Indians – attributed to them the magical properties that lived in the temples and helped people to communicate with the gods.

In ancient Egypt, cats without fur were the favorites of the Pharaohs and lived in their palaces. And what are we different from Pharaohs?
It is known that in the last hundred years, in different places around the world, individual specimens and whole cats of fur-free cats have appeared. But the Fellinologists do not
they were paying attention and all these naked cats disappeared.
Such cats were in Mexico.

At the beginning of the 20th century, specimens could be seen at exhibitions in the United States. But, unfortunately, in the 20’s disappeared
and the last couple of these unusual cats without leaving offspring. Like cats met in India and Morocco (1934), Paraguay (1939) … but they gradually izcheznali.Prez 1969 in Ontario, Canada, in ordinary litter kittens appeared naked kitten – call it Pruna. Fellinologists tried to preserve this unique mutation and turn it into a special breed of naked cats,
but without success.

And nature gave them a second chance in 1975. They learned
from their experience, the Felinologists did not make any mistake in breeding and today the lovers of extravagant cats have the opportunity to enjoy the Canadian Sphinx breed. (And people who do not like them – to be afraid of them – b.c.) The other country, where today there are already confirmed breeds naked cats, is RUSSIA. Although recognition by the major federal federations is still ongoing, breeds are recognized by the World Cats Federation. The history of Sphinx cats in Russia began in 1986, when in Rostov on Don they found on the street a tiny creamy turtle cat about 3-4 months old.

Varvara called it. Sphynx cat, Sphynx cat, Sphynx, Sphynx cat, breeds, Sphynx cat, historyIt grew more and more, but at the age of eight months, her beautiful skin began to fall. She probably looked in the eye
to people quite strange and even … sick. That’s why they have been subjected to careful examination by veterinarians. He showed that the cat
is quite healthy and normal despite its strange appearance. In Moscow and St. Petersburg they were interested in these new amazing cats … and there are already 2 Russian Sphinx breeds: Don and Petersburg.

ATHENA-Sphynx cat at home
Try to stroke such a cat or take it in your hand – the feeling is so unusual and enjoyable that you can “get sick” with these cats seriously and for a long time. Vaginal muzzle, large, slightly sloping forward ears, slightly arched mysterious eyes, a robe is a plurality of vertical wrinkles forming lace above the eyes, and a hot body with a velvety velvety and no skinny skin. But such a mysterious look is “packed” with a healthy nervous system, courage, sociability and extraordinary tenderness to the owner.
He is not yet a man,
but she is no longer a cat! 

Sphynx cat, Sphynx cat, Sphynx, Sphynx cat, breeds, Sphynx cat, history
According to the owners of Sphinx cats, this is no longer a cat, but it is not yet human – a creature that is somewhere in the middle. It fits easily and forever into a human and cat company. And, by the way, the lack of fur does not fully transform the Sphinx cats into infantile creatures – they are perfectly capable of keeping the cat’s usual half-life lifestyle.

There is something magical about the real sphincter – the softness of the lines (there should be no straight lines in it, only rounded), but at the same time clear forms.

Any deviation from this smooth harmony makes cats Sphinx simple into a simple, cat-like cat. If you’ve decided to get such a cat, remember – she does not consider herself a cat! It can hurt you with some unworthy actions such as, for example, eating food from your dish by feeding it with a paw to your mouth.

It is important to know that the body temperature of the sphinxes is 0.5 to 1 degree higher than that of other cats due to their high energy requirements. That’s why they have to eat a lot of quality food – they are not pretentious, but it is good to have constant and raw meat in their menu. The Sphinx will only sleep in your bed, wrapped in your blanket, your pillow head or your shoulder you.

Do not go after her – you do not want to get cold. And next to you is the warmest place in your home. Suffer – these cats have an advantage: they have no fur. Imagine if it is a Persian cat ?! Horror.
The skin of naked cats is similar to that of humans: it sweats and burns in the sun. So they need a light shower and rubbing, and rubbing butter will not be detrimental 🙂 But no human creams. This is not yet a man.

Sphynx cat, Sphynx cat, Sphynx, Sphynx cat, breeds, Sphynx cat, history

Sphynx cat

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