human, fact, anatomy factDo we know everything about our body? 

Certainly not. See the next curious facts about human nature and again you will see that the human organism is a unique and perfectly functioning system. Which continues to surprise us.

1. Not only fingers, but every language has a unique imprint.

2. Approximately 600,000 particles are emitted from human skin every hour. This is about 700 grams per year, so we lose 47.7 kilograms on average, reaching the age of 70 years.

3. The elderly person has fewer bones than a baby. We are born with 350 bones, but as the bones then grow, their number is reduced to 206.

4. Did you know that the stomach changes every 3-4 days? This is due to the strong stomach acids that the stomach uses to digest food, and hence the shape of the stomach.

5. Although the human nose is not as sensitive as that of the dog, one can recognize up to 50,000 different flavors.

6. The small intestine is about 4 times longer than the average adult’s height. Its length varies between 6-7 meters so it is folded in the abdominal cavity.

7. It can be amazing, but it’s a fact: every square inch of our skin has about 32 million bacteria. Fortunately, most of them are harmless.

8. The culprit for the unpleasant smell of legs and scrubs is sweat. Our feet have 500,000 sweat glands that produce more than a mug of sweat per day.

9. The air of human sneezing can reach about 45 meters per second or more. That is why the habit with the hand in front of us as a small one is really important.

10. The total length of blood vessels in humans reaches up to 100,000 kilometers. And the heart chambers push about 7571 liters of blood a day.

11. The average amount of saliva that a person spends all his life is about 24,000 liters – enough to fill two swimming pools.

12. When they reach 60, 60% of men and 40% of women begin to snore. Average snoring is about 60 decibels, but it can also reach up to 80 – as much as a pneumatic drill, destroying concrete. Noise above 85 dB is considered dangerous for human hearing.

13. The color of hair determines its density, and the top spot is for blond hair. On average, there are 100,000 hair follicles on the human scalp, each of which can create up to 20 hairs during human life. For blondes, the number of follicles is about 146,000, in black-haired people – about 110,000, and in 100,000 follicles in chestnut hair. Redheads have the most rare hair – about 86,000 hair follicles.

14. We think it’s normal for the nails to grow faster than the nails. And do you know why? Because we use hands for many more activities. And the hand we use more often is with faster-growing nails. For comparison, nails grow on average by about 0.25 cm per month.

15. It’s no wonder that their babies are so hard to keep their heads upright. The reason is that they are 1/4 of the length of their body. For an adult, the head is 1/8 of the length of his body.

16. One can endure a few weeks without eating, but not without sleep. The maximum period is 11 days. After the eleventh day you can fall asleep … forever.

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