How many things does a simple “Miau”


funny story, cat, cat talk,When it comes to cats, their meaks mean a lot of things, they say to us, “Hello”, “Let’s get cuddled” or “Here I am!”, Writes Associated Press, following the communication of the owners with these remarkable pets.

The writings are very independent creatures and are often deeply misunderstood, says Dr. Gary Weitzman, author of the new book by National Geographic, titled “How to talk cats.”

In his work he tries to explain to us what they want to share with us, our fluffy pets.

Smarter cats can release 16 different miakas that are only for people to hear. They suggest that it is time for food, for a toilet, for exiting, and very rarely, these sounds are designed for their likenesses. This is because the writers have learned to take advantage of people when they are mistaken.

The meaning of scratching and scratching does not need an explanation, but cats can communicate in a more sophisticated way with their tails and eyes. Slow flashing means a kiss from
cat’s side. Extending the tail corresponds to the handshake in humans. In this way, the cat wants to tell us that she is happy to see us.

Even the movements of the ears and whiskers make sense. If the ears of the cats are clinging, stay away, then they are frightened and can make you lame. Or they’re about to fight.

When the writer is happy, her mustaches stick out naturally and perpendicular to the muzzle. These attributes are twice as thick as the human hair and grow ten times deeper, giving many important guidelines in a variety of situations.

funny story, cat, cat talk, funny story, cat, cat talk, funny story, cat, cat talk, 

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