What cats love and hate?

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– Place the sun, near the stove, on the couch or on the bed.
– Several “gaming sessions” a day – with your beloved owner or other cat.
– To eat at the same time as humans, and sometimes to eat from human food.
– Have a clean, dry toilet, always accessible even if the cat spends most of the day outside the home.
– Try to taste different plants, because the delicate sprouts are so delicious and then vomit them on the carpet
– Gently rub it and remove it with a hair brush, but only when she likes it.- Have a clean and shiny coat.
– Lack of planned births if the animal is born. As for the domestic cat, it is preferable to have a quiet life without babies.

– Calm singing, quiet, friendly low voices.
– Guests who caress and stroke the cat and bring her presents.
– To catch a mouse, to catch a hen, to catch a flying bird, to play with a small ball, a paper ball, and so on.
– Do not worry her during a dream, even if it lasts for hours.
– Balancing the tall parts of the furniture, taking a shuttle between crystal vessels, vases, climbing the curtains, brushing your nails in the wallpapers and the sofa.
What the hate hates
– Rainy and cold weather if there’s no place to find a warm place.
– Lonely life, isolation (regardless of the reasons).
– Irregular, unplanned eating, too hot or too cold or soaked in dirty dishes.
– Lack of a toilet or a dirty one.

– A ban on hanging around the house flowers and eating the delicious saplings and sprouts.
– Solution and caressing when the cat is far from that; matted coat with scabs. The cat also does not like to feed her vigorously as a dog is biting.
Skin in scrubs; dirty and oily hair; ticks, fleas, scabies and ear parasites.
– Have a small number of times a year; by this her body is very exhausted.
– Noisy family scandals, child shouting, dog barking, car alarms, airplane engine roar, fire sirens.
– People who ignore or for various reasons hate cats.
– To grow it as a decorative item.


cats love, cat love, cat hate, information love,

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