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funny information, funny cats, information catsDid you know that ….

– The fattest cat in the history of the world is called Chemie. He weighed 24 kilograms and lived in Australia (but not very long – died at the age of 5)
– Domestic cats can escape at a speed of 50 km / h, of course without Chemistry;
– Cats sleep 16-18 hours a day. Half of the rest of the time is spent.
– The most expensive cat in the world was sold for $ 24,000.

“The English sailors believe the pure black kitten of the ship guarantees safe sailing.
“According to the English, when a black cat passes your way – that’s a good sign. If she enters the bride’s home – joy waits.
– Pope George IX, founder of the Inquisition, claims that black cats are ambassadors of the devil.
Emperor Napoleon also does not like cats.
– Cat Dates, who lived in Texas for 17 years, gave birth to 420 kittens for that time.- The longest cat in the world has lived to 34 years.

– Among all mammals, cats have the largest eyes on their bodies.
– The temperature of the healthy cat is between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius.
– Cats graze grass because it helps them improve digestion and throw away balls of hair from their stomachs.
“You have 206 bones – the cat – 230.
– Cats can really be trained to use the human toilet!
– Cats remember both good and bad. Recurring events are remembered for a long time, so they adapt well to people’s lives.

funny information, funny cats, information cats

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