A homeless dog climbs Everest

abandoned dog, everest dog, everest, mountainA homeless dog climbs Everest

An abandoned dog, rescued from a dump in India, has climbed to Everest’s base camp and has thus become the first representative of its kind to try its forces at the highest peak in the world, the owner said.

Former professional golf golfer Joan Lefson said he adopted the 11-month-old Ruppi dog in the Indian mountain town of Lech last September and decided to take him to the base camp at an altitude of 5364 m. They began “Everest 2013 expedition” in Himalayan Luck October 14 with the intention of drawing attention to the misfortune of stray dogs and stimulating their adoption.

Joan and Ruppi finished their record feat 13 days later. “I was very proud of Ruppi, and I thought I might have to wear it on some days, but instead he took the lead and pulled me up, and I hope this achievement will make people more affectionate with animals, especially with street “We must realize that every life is important,” she admits.

Although he misses a part of his right ear, Rupi has no problems adapting to altitude and for the first time tasted snow.

abandoned dog, everest dog, everest, mountain

The bravest dog in the world

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