HIMALATES MYTHS for the Snow Leopard

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In the northern parts of Nepal, small rural communities have retained many local credentials and shamanic practices that began from ancient times before Buddhism emerged as a religion. Much of these prehistoric beliefs have become part of today’s Buddhism, its pantheon of the gods and its rituals. Such a ritual, which is related to the snow leopard, and is today in Manang.

It is believed that the mountain gods have forbidden the shepherds
to bake meat. If people violate this ban, the snow leopard – the messenger of the angry god of the mountain – and kidnapping some of the cattle. Extremely severe punishment in these unfriendly places, where animals are the only source of support for the local population.

In Dolpop – another area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNepal – it is said that many of the great lamas often turn into snow leopards and take trips to Tibet to seek out rare healing herbs.
snow leopard, tibet, india, nepal, leopard, wildAnother story describes the snow leopard as a guardian of crops grown with so much difficulty in the mountains. It is believed that if the leopard is not there, there is a huge risk of being rooted out by free-moving livestock.

Local residents still believe that snow leopards (and domestic cats) have the power to reject the mistakes of people from previous lives. This also means that cats killing is not just another serious sin, but so man will have to redeem the sins of the cats themselves in their own lives.
In the bridge, the murder of a snow leopard is considered a much more severe sin than the killing of his premium (for example, the blue sheep), because all the sins of the big cat, accumulated at each meal premium, are transferred to the leopard man.

The Tibetan saint, a poet from the eighteenth century, walked Milarepa in the area that is now covered by the nature reserve of Commolangma. He meditated in small caves and remote villages. But here, he decided to leave the village he was in, to move away from the worldly vanity and return to the Great Cave of the Demon to devote his prayers to himself. And the winter was approaching and the inhabitants of the village began to exhort Milarepa to stay with them – for their own and their good. “You can fight the demons at any time” – they said.

Stay with us by spring. “But the poet went on promising to give guidance and protect everyone who risks going up in the mountain … snow leopard, tibet, india, nepal, leopard, wildSnow falling – falling uninterrupted 18 days and nights Winter closed the road to the Great Cave of the Demons In the beginning of spring, Milarepa’s disciples, thinking that their teacher was dead, did the appropriate humbling rituals, and prayed for his soul, and when the snow melted, they went looking for his body, close to their goal – the Great cave of battle with the demons – they sat for a long break.

In the distance they saw a snow leopard that yawned, pulled a ledge into the rocks. They watched him for a long time until he disappeared. The pupils of the poet decided that they would not be able to find his body. He was convinced that the snow leopard killed and eaten Milarepa … But besides leopard traces, they found many human steps. They wondered, “Are these the magic of a devil or a ghost?” Puzzled, they approached the Cave of Demons battle and heard the song of Milarepa. They asked, “Is it possible for passing hunters to offer him food or find other food and survive?”

And in Milarepa he said, “You are very abandoned, and you have been on the other side of the mountain for so long, why did you take so long to get here?” Responding to their questions, how he understood where they came from, Milarepa replied: “While sitting on a rock, I saw everyone rest on the other side of the pass.”
“We saw a sitting leopard there, but we did not see you,” answered confused students. “I was a leopard,” he replied.

According to the legend, Milarepa can become anything you want and no need of food. But in one vision he saw that the inhabitants of the village brought him flesh. The meat was so much that for four days he felt good. His disciples counted the days back and realized that Milarepa had this vision the day they did the last teaching about his death with burial worship …
This story is told in the book by Garma Chang, “One Thousand Songs of Milarepa”.

snow leopard, tibet, india, nepal, leopard, wildINDIA
The snow leopard, the windshield and the domestic cat
This story is narrated in Lungak Gorge in Zanskar, India.
Many, long ago the snow leopard, the windshield and the domestic cat lived together.

One day they decided to share the duties in the house:
The snow leopard has to bring firewood from the mountains.
The home cat must bring fire from the village to the people.
The shots should bring water from the river.
The snow leopard goes to the mountain to bring wood. Suddenly he saw a wild goat and started

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