10 rules how to feed your cat

10 rules, cats, feed cat, cat information, funny storyFeeding should always be done at the same time as the cat becomes accustomed to.

Do not give food to the cat except in her feeding time, even if she is very insistent with her mew.

Do not sharply reduce the two ration of the cat, even if it seems to be too full.

The food should be at room temperature. If standing in a refrigerator, for example, it should be left for 15-20 minutes out.

It is desirable to give both food purchased from a shop and homemade.

When giving the cat remnants of your own food, avoid salty and sweet.

Wash the cat’s bowl before each meal with hot water and no detergent.

Dog food is not suitable for cats, because it contains less protein than necessary.

Cats are designed to take a large amount of animal protein, and vegetarian food can cause them to get avitaminosis.

10 rules, cats, feed cat, cat information, funny story


· Cats evolved to predators, adapted to meat-based foods that are rich in protein, good fat and no carbohydrates.
· Cat’s ability to digest carbohydrates in food
is limited compared to other species but is effective for the levels commonly found in cat food.
The lack of receptors for sugars and sugar in cats has no effect on the appetite of cat food.
· Dried cat food is rich in carbohydrates, starch,
but both – dry and liquid – contain minimal amounts of saccharides.
· Although fears that high doses of carbohydrates may predispose the cats to obesity or diabetes, there is still no conclusive evidence of this.
· Dental caries are very rare in cats and there is no evidence that they are related to the intake of sugar.

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