13 curious facts about coala

Funny facts about coala

We all know that the coals live in Australia and eat (like their Chinese fellow-pandas) eucalyptus leaves. These sweet milky animals, however, deserve more dignity and more knowledge on our part, at least because they have recently been among the growing number of animal species threatened with extinction.

1. Some of you may have guessed or at least have heard that the Koala is a symbol of Australia. Naturally, because he lives only in the continental state and nowhere else, quietly clinging to some eucalyptus branch.

2. Although we call them “bears”, it is actually a dihotrum, though mammals that have nothing to do with the bear world, except that they are sweet and fluffy like … teddy bears.

3. The word “koala” comes from the Aboriginal word meaning “no liquids”. This is because coalitions rarely drink water but, on the other hand, their optimal moisture is obtained by the liquids contained in the eucalyptus leaves.

4. Coals swallow nearly 2.5 kg eucalyptus leaves a day.

5. At birth, the coat is incredibly miniature in size, and looks like a worm. She is born blind, without ears and skin as well as a kangaroo) and sucks from her mother, hiding warm in her bag.

6. When he gets up and grows a little longer, the baby koala lingers on his mother’s back or abdomen without leaving her until she’s been a year old.

coala facts, coala kid, coala7. Nestled in the trees, the coals spend sleeping until 18 o’clock.

8. Occupying natural conditions in the wild, male koali live until about 10 years of age. Females live on average a few more years.

9. Coils may look soft and fluffy, but they are not at the touch. They have a thick and hard coat that protects them from heat, cold and moisture. In fact, the skin and coat of the koala are the thickest ones of all the bagpipes.

10. The hard skin of the coals, however, played a bad joke to them. The massive hunt made against these meager bears in the 1920s and 1930s led to a significant reduction in their numbers.

11. Nowadays, the wildlife wagons account for just 80,000. The destruction of forests, illegal trafficking and deaths as a result of dog attacks lead to the deaths of 4,000 coals per year.

12. In 2012, the Australian Embassy officially declared the coal under its protection. Today, the Koala is the only Coalition retained representative. A sad fact provoked by the combined impact of their natural habitat destruction, illegal logging and climate change.

13. The coals are exceptionally nice and malleable “bears”. They can be wonderful friends of those who are best able to appreciate and enjoy them – kids.

coala facts, coala kid, coala

coala facts, coala kid, coala coala facts, coala kid, coala

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