Cat was saved with … vodka!

cat drink, cat drink vodka, vodka, savior cat, save cats, vodka absolutVodka is the last drink that is expected to save lives. Still, the alcoholic drink saved the cat’s life in trouble, ABC News revealed.
  The animal from Queensland, Australia, has been crushed with antifreeze. It has swallowed the toxic substance and was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic.
  One of her employees recalled some of the lessons at the university. Fortunately, she had a bottle of vodka that immediately came into use.
  The enzyme that metabolizes antifreeze also metabolizes alcohol in vodka, allowing the antifreeze to pass into a non-toxic form.
  A few minutes of life remain to the cat, but thanks to the quick and proper response of the vets she is now alive and healthy. Tipps cat has fully recovered.

cat drink, cat drink vodka, vodka, savior cat, save cats, vodka absolut

Cat drinks
At first glance, both questions sound strange, to put it mildly. It turned out, though, that some cats like beer! Dr. Mike Richards of Cobb Creek, Virginia, says, “There are cats whose owners share with us that their pets are addicted to beer. Once we even had a cat that preferred whiskey. Cat of the class! “- laughs the doctor.

What can make some of the ordinary domestic cats into beer lovers? “I suppose it attracts them the flavor of the foam,” says one owner of a veterinary clinic.

Some cats are really addicted to alcohol. That was the case with the Trixie, whose owners had a well in Wales. They could not understand what was going on with their beloved, the veterinarian treating her with the flu until they discovered that Trixie spent a lot of time under the tap for a draft beer in the pub and was getting drunk. Having understood this, the owners saw her being forced to take her to the veterinarian for two days to be sober!

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Cat’s addiction to beer, though rarely discussed, is widespread. For many years in Nachez – Mississippi, there was a law prohibiting cats from drinking beer! Even today, according to Dr. Luis Vine, veterinarians often discuss at their conferences the question of “alcoholism among cats.”

How do you know if your cat is suffering from a hangover?

It is possible, especially if you live in a house, jokers or neighbors who do not like cats, have your own alcohol drink in the evening, and in the morning you wonder what happened to.

Doctor Louis Wine of South Carolina advises: To find out if your cat is drunk, check for the following symptoms:

Cloudy look
Refusing to obey
Ready to attack you
Swaying gait
Behavior like a person with a heavy headache
Cats really love yeast, but that’s not the reason to like beer.
“There is evidence that some animals need to be intoxicated – just like humans,” says Richards, adding, “I’ve always been convinced that if the animals had access to alcohol, we would have far more problems than now.” You will hardly see cats going to clinics to treat alcoholics, although they probably need it. Metabolism in the Cats family does not cope with alcohol – even from a minimal dose, animals begin to vomit, and larger quantities can lead to collapse or coma.

So, if your cat begs for a little beer, tell her she is acting unreasonably and that the bar is closed.

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