Cats predict earthquakes?

cats prediction, cats predict, earthquakes, news, cats predict earthquakesEarthquakes and volcanic eruptions are not just instantaneous whims of nature, they are part of powerful planetary processes running slowly into the depths of the Earth. These cataclysms, and especially the most destructive, are the result of hundreds and even thousands of years of earth mass movement. The continuous casting of colossal quantities of tectonic energy can not be traced without any trace – it is beyond any doubt that earthquakes and eruptions always pre-tell the man of his impending occurrence through a variety of different signals. In all likelihood, we recognize a very small part of them, and at this point we simply can not hear the warnings of our planet.
Some, however, are asking: Is it not possible for accurate and reliable predictors of underground storms to lie below our nose, and not to notice them, not to try to find them, to learn and attract them to help?
Residents of heavily populated seismically-active areas may have first addressed the restless behavior of some animals before an earthquake or volcanic eruption occurred. Nowadays, there are about 70 species of animals that are capable of experiencing upcoming earthquakes and volcanic cataclysms, and which we therefore rightly call “living seismographs.”
The summary, even less profound, analysis of all collected information allows us to identify two main types of behavioral reactions to animals when approaching an earthquake or volcanic eruption: the first – a change in the overall emotional activity of the animal without being accompanied by a definite purpose behavior. It reveals the appearance of an unclear anxiety, anxiety, such as an increase in motor activity, bruising, trembling, wail, and so on. As a rule, such an indefinite anxiety occurs either before earthquakes with a small magnitude, or in distant epicenter areas or significant time before the occurrence of seismic activity. The second type of behavioral reaction is related to the emergence of distinctly targeted behavior. In the overwhelming majority of cases, such behavior carries all the characteristic signs of a reaction occurring at the onset of danger. For example, in many domestic animals, there is an escape from the premises, the wild animals leave their desert and move away from the area of ​​the future earthquake or volcano eruption.
Many animals react sensitively to an approaching underground danger. But from now on, we will only talk about the reactions of the cat’s tribe representatives. On the verge of the oncoming earthquake, these typically calm, often lazy, graceful animals are radically transformed. Some of them, as it has been repeatedly seen, become unstoppable in their state of extreme excitement: they are wickedly wandering around the room, trying to kick the door with nails, get out of the house. Others, with a bruised hair, roar with fear and a loud, meticulous mood. Third, if they have small kittens, they usually take them to another place, and with their offspring they are hiding in all sorts of hiding places. Fourth, perhaps most receptive to the signals of a rising seismic event, silently leave their residence a few days before the cataclysm and return to their owners only when they have overcome the shock of the event.
Anomalous behavior of cats was noted by some residents of Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) prior to the earthquake of October 5, 1948.
It is the eruption of the volcano Monte Pele in 1902. In mid-April, 1902, the peak of the Mount Pelae volcano on the island of Martinique began to smoke heavily. And this happens after a 50-year-long “sleep”. On April 23, over the city of Saint-Pierre a short ash raindrops fall and on May 6th, the volcano erupts tens of thousands of cubic meters of ash. On May 8, an opening is cracked in the volcanic wall of the crater from the city of Saint-Pierre. From there a giant black, glowing cloud splashes out and a wild roar drifts down the slope. In a few seconds, Saint Pierre disappears beneath the giant cover. All dwellers of the city die in less than a minute. Then it turns out that the cats had split up with their owners in time without waiting for Monte Pele’s fatal explosion. There is no doubt that the reasons forcing the cats to spit on their heels were more than essential. Only the strong sense of anxiety and the overwhelming fear could force those animals so attached to their habitat to overcome their innate terror from unknown places and to flee their homes without looking back.
Similar was the behavior of the cats inhabited Vastmannaeyar before the eruption of the volcano Helgafedlja, Iceland, in 1973.
A day before the eruption, they left the city. “If the volcano once again calls him to” talk “, our cats will warn us about it in time” – the inhabitants of the city of Vestmannaiyair resurrected from the ashes.
And here’s a very recent story. A cat lover tells the following:
“I live in Irkutsk. He is in a seismically dangerous zone. Before the earthquake in 1998, my cat was very strange. She was hiding under the bed, laughing loudly, fleeing from all, as if she were mad. She was afraid … The shocks soon began. It was pretty scary! ”

Interesting facts, right?
So you see how it turns out that man has very accurate predictors or oracles of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the face of both cats and all animals in general. The question is only the extent to which he is able to recognize their predictions.

cats prediction, cats predict, earthquakes, news, cats predict earthquakes

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