Cats treat illnesses! See how…

cats, illnesses, cats treat, sweating catIf you grow a cat in your home you have a loving pet and an indispensable healer.

By sweating your cats make you get rid of the stress and relax for a while. When they feel that something is wrong with you, the babbling pets lay on your lap and the pain slowly subsides. Most experts are of the opinion that cats treat the painful area by lying on it and warming it.
Cat – the indispensable healer
Let’s tell you how the cat warns you that there will be a health problem:

1. Cardiovascular diseases – your pet can not tell you that you are sick, but they somehow understand that something is wrong. When the danger comes mainly from a hypertonic crisis or a heart attack the cat begins to rub at your feet. This is a sign that something worries her and she wants to help you.

2. Gastrointestinal disorders – Here, the best cure healers are those of the Sphinx, Egyptian, Oriental, Siamese, and Abyssinian breeds. All of them are short-haired and love to cling to the disease to relieve the symptoms.

3. In case of excessive fatigue – here the “treatment” is taken by the long-haired cats. They suppress the symptoms of migraine, stress, depression and excessive fatigue. You just want to caress them when they get stuck in your lap. This will ease and relax.

cats, illnesses, cats treat, sweating catThe healing powers of the domestic cat
4. Enhancement of immunity and prolongation of life – Specialists have done rigorous research to show that cat pleasure to immortalize immunity and prolong life span by approximately 10 years.

These are the diseases that cause unpleasant symptoms, and your soothing friends can calm down. Let’s talk now, just how they treat you.

1. When the cat is lying on the painful area, electrical impulses are produced to relieve the pain.

2. Care of the domestic cat – when you peeled a pet, a scruffy pet gets rubbed on his hairs with a part of the human body. When the cat cuddles in you or caresses it gently, you get a magnetic field that kills the harmful microbes and removes the inflammation. This “healing method” also helps body wounds heal more quickly.

3. Swallowing your home cat – your pet treats with an ultrasound that is frequent from 26 to 45 hertz. We may not hear this sound, but it improves blood circulation, reduces high blood pressure and improves heart rhythm.
Cat – The Doctor in the Family
The other important thing about our favorite cat is her sex. Experts have proven that men and women have different health benefits. The female cat successfully treats diseases of the nervous system and internal organs. Male cats treat joint diseases and help to heal bones.

The healing power of the hair is obvious, but experts are still doing research to prove their health benefits. For now, it is known that domestic cats that have a long hair are “doctors” defeating depression, stress and easy irritability. Breeds of medium-length cats treat heart disease. Those who have scarce coat (or, if it does not, at all) treat successfully stomach and kidney diseases.

We can conclude that people who have a pet cat are lucky because they have a doctor beside them at all times.

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