How much does a dog or cat grow?

dollars, cat, dog, cost, pet, moneyA pet can bring in your life a pleasant company, love and lots of fun, but that pleasure is worth money.

The story of my cat is reminiscent of the scenario of the Slumdog Millionaire. It will be used to illustrate the cost of keeping a pet (something that would be beneficial to any farmer) as well as the initial cost of adoption (for those planning to take a pet home).

I’ll lie if I say I’ve thought of a waking picture of my Werther by accident. On the contrary, I did my best to meet him.
Since my previous cat died 4 years ago, they have become regular visitors to animal adoption sites.

One day, while I looked at the “Let’s Assume” fan page, I saw a picture of a kitten in a really mad state. He is looking for a foster home for 2-3 months until the time to go to his adopter in Germany. I figured I should help him anyway.

The first step was to convince your friendship. I made a list of the cost of adoption, and I gave it to Shrek with a clever look.

Adoption costs depend on the breed, size and age of the pet. Here’s the list of the cost you can face when you decide to pick up your pet at home. Describe them, not to deny you pet breeding, but to help you decide if you can afford them. If you can not, you risk harvesting becoming a harassment for both the animal and you.


Value: from 0 to 2 500 dollars

If you want your beloved to have national or international certificates of origin and championship qualities, prepare for a serious investment.

You can reduce the cost of adoption almost entirely if you take an animal from a friend, local shelter or animal welfare organization. In such places you can often find animals of purebred breeds. Even if the adoption is free, you can leave a donation. The shelters and similar organizations are supported by public donations.


Value: from 200 to 1000 dolars *

What will be needed for a pleasant welcome to the pet:

1. Castration – from 60 to 200 dollars
Cat: 70-120 $.
Dog: 80-200 dollars
Castration is recommended unless you intend to breed the animal. Prices vary according to the required procedures, the size of the pet and his / her sex. If you do not steal it in time, it can seriously affect its health in a few years.

2. First visit to a veterinarian – from 80 to 240 $.
Review – 15 $
Microchip insertion – $ 40
Health certification / passport – $ 5
Deprecation – from 5 to 20 $
Vaccination – from 40 to 160 $.
Dogs should be vaccinated 3 times, and kittens 2 times. Adult animals are also vaccinated twice. Vaccination is only available to healthy pets.

Under Buglare’s legislation, if a dog is put on a chip, no fee for dog possession is due for a period of one year.

In case you decide to adopt a dog or cat from a shelter or an animal welfare organization, the cost of chip insertion, vaccination and parasite and vial treatment will often be deducted, as the practice is to do before giving the animal for adoption. This was the case with our Werther, for whom we have not paid the costs.

3. Tools and home toys: From 8 to 900 $.
Toys: from 0 to 100 $.
If your favorite is left alone at home, sooner or later he will be touched by it. A bored animal can literally destroy your home. The dog of a friend of mine, for example, ate half of her collection of ladies shoes. For an animal to be calm and happy, you need to provide toys for it. In every pet shop you will find a wide choice.
You can also assemble toys for your pet with hand-made materials at home. My cat likes to play with cardboard boxes and paper balls. In older cats, only older-fashioned toys work like a hand-made fishing rod, for example. But the new generation cats are more open to the digital world – you can download a cat kit on your smartphone. You will wonder how many such applications there are.

Nod: 8 to 12 $.
Some animal breeds require regular nail cutting. If you buy a specialized nail clipper for this purpose, the cost will be one-time. If you prefer a vet to do the procedure, it will cost you between 6 and 12 $ per visit.

The nail cutter is not working easy, but I learned how to handle it on the internet. There you will find a number of instructional videos.

Bowls for food and water – from 0 to 15 $.
The pet needs a bowl of food and a water container.

You can use the excess porcelain bowls in the kitchen. Let’s also think about nature!

For dogs: Collar, strap, muzzle – from 50 to 150 $.
Prices depend on the size of the dog and the quality of the products.
For cats: Cat litter and spatula – from 15 to 150 $.
If you do not have a garden where the kitty can do your physiological needs, you will need a cat toilet container (+ pavement). For a container, you can use a simple plastic tray to an automated toilet with a self-cleaning function. Depending on your preferences and budget, each of them would do the job. Prices vary depending on the features.

For cats: Toilet flooring – from 3 to 15 $.
There are many different types of cat litter flooring on the market. Try different brands. It may take some time and experiment while the kitten approves the pavement, but then it’s easy. If you notice that your cat does not want to walk in your toilet, maybe you just do not like the pavement. Pavement prices depend on the material and the size of the packaging.
For cats: Scratcher – from 15 to 50 $.

Cats love to scratch, they need it. And they will scratch – that’s their instinct! To avoid this happening on your furniture, you just need a scrawler. How to choose the right one? It has to be healthy, stable and high. The best work is done by the vertical ones.
You can replace the scrawler with a piece of wood (log).

For cats: Transport bag: from 30 to 200 $.
You will need to drive your cat to a vet or simply transport it from point A to point B. The simplest carry bags cost around $ 30, depending on the size of the animal and the model of the bag.
Protection for windows and balconies: from 75 to 200 $

Cats are curious creatures and for them the open window is an invitation to take a dangerous walk along the ledge. Although they can balance well, cats often fall out of the window, and this often leads to very serious injuries. We live on the 4th floor and in front of our balcony there is a high tree full of birds. When they see my cat, the birds begin to hang on with it. I had to secure the balcony to prevent this game from being carried outside the balcony. The options were a net from the ground to the ceiling or just a high bamboo barrier. I chose the second option.

Cats love to jump through the window. In their attempts to get out, they often get stuck in windows with a vertical opening. If nobody can help them get rid quickly, they could be lethal – they could break their spine while trying to get rid of themselves. Even if they hold just one paw, they can cut their blood vessels, leading to fatal blood loss. Therefore, it is important to secure all the windows you regularly use if you have a cat.

* Please note that all figures in the article are approximate and are just a guide to the cost of pet care. For more accurate figures, contact your local vet.

dollars, cat, dog, cost, pet, money


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