They found the smallest vertebrate animal

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Recently discovered in Papua New Guinea, a new species of frog proved to be the smallest existing world to date. It says a team of scientists quoted by the BBC.
  Only 7 mm long, the Latin name Paedophryne amauensis is the smallest animal of the subtype spine that combines mammals, fish, birds and amphibians.
  Researchers  discovered another closely related species – Paedophryne swiftorum, which is slightly larger. The miniature size of the glove compartment explains to scientists the places they live in. Most often in leaves that have fallen from forest trees. Well the discovery of the species was not an easy task for the researchers, as the glossiness of the glove complies with the colors of the leaves, and the sounds they produce resemble the buzz of insects.

Forests in New Guinea are abounding in sounds at night, making it difficult to distinguish foolish gossip. It says team manager Chris Austin of the University of Louisiana.

  After many unsuccessful attempts to find a species representative among the fallen leaves. Scientists were forced to collect the leaves in transparent plastic bags and carefully observe for movement inside. They managed to find these extremely small creatures that jumped inside, the scientists explain.

frog, small frog, animal, vertebrate animal, smallest animal

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