Law of cats

cat speed act, law cats, first law cat food, cat foodCat’s Inertia Act
Each cat is at rest while an external force does not pull it out of it – for example, an open can of cat food or a sneaking mouse

Cat Traffic Law
Each cat moves in a straight line until there is really good reason to deviate

Law of Cat’s Magnetism
How darker a garment is, the lighter the cat’s hair will stick to it (and vice versa)

Law on Cat Thermodynamics
Heat moves from a warmer to a colder body, except cats when all the heat is for the cat

Cat stretching law
The cat stretches outright in proportion to the just-running nap

Law of Cat’s Sleep
The cat sleeps with a man, whenever possible, in a position that is just as uncomfortable for the man as convenient for the cat

Cat Trafficking Act
The cat lies in such a position and so on the floor to interfere with as many people as possible

Cat Speed ​​Act
The speed of the cat has the potential to reach the catfish pill

Law of Cat’s Interest
The level of cat’s interest varies in inverse proportions to the effort that man has

Liquid displacement law
A cat placed in milk will displace a liquid equal to its own volume minus the amount of milk tested

Cat’s Landing Act
The cat is always landed in the smoothest possible place, most often right in the middle of an unsuspecting, resting man

Law on the renewal of furniture
The cat rains the furniture in proportion to their value

Law on cat food
The cat will swallow her weight in milk, in a square … just to show you WHAT

Bag Content Act
All bags and packs in a room must be cat-like in the nearest nanosecond

Law of cat’s comfort
The cat instantly detects and conquers the most comfortable and warm place in each room

Law of speed of light
Turn on the electric blanket and the cat will come on it at the speed of light

Cat Tracking Act
If a cat watches the refrigerator long enough and staring at it, sooner or later someone will open it and give it something to eat

Cat’s Resistance Act
The resistance of a cat to doing something is proportionate to the man’s desire to make her do it

First law on cat food
Cat’s energy can neither be created not destroyed, so the cat uses as little as possible

A second law on cat food
The cat’s energy can only be preserved with sufficient number and length of snooze

Law of cat likelihood
No one can ever be sure where the cat is, can only suggest where it is not

Cat Cat Act
The cat’s mass is directly proportional to how convenient the place it occupies.

Law of Cat’s

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