PUMA – the lord of Americas, from Yukon to the Fire Land

puma, animal, fire land, americas lord, yukonPUMA is a 24-hour active predator, although he prefers more night and gloomy moments at night and dawn. It was created to climb trees, on steep mountain slopes, and sprint in the chase of its prey. These wild cats, so interesting, feed on everything in front of their eyes.

The main part of their menu is dedicated to the deer, but we can add squirrels, rabbits, beavers, wild boars, rodents, turkeys, hedgehogs, insects, frogs, bats, grasshoppers, skunks and even alligators.

They also feed on carrion. Sometimes domestic animals are attacked if the loot in their area has diminished dangerously. But this is often due to the death of these wild cats in the self-defense of large ungulates. The pot is very secret, and her loot usually has no idea of ​​lurking her until it is too late. Unfortunately, this sometimes also applies to people.

Some of them who like to walk through the woods do not hear anything before the 80-pound cat hits their backs and bites their dog’s back teeth. There are few people who are attacked and even killed by the Puma in the Americas, but this is by no means the rule. Puma usually prefers to
does not hang people.
puma, animal, fire land, americas lord, yukonLike almost all of his relatives, Puma is an individualist. Each dog has a clearly marked territory that marks and protects it. The hunting area of ​​males is significantly larger than that of females and often covers several plots controlled by females.

Pairs are formed during the breeding period, which lasts only 2 weeks. Pregnancy at Puma Concolor lasts 90 to 98 days, giving birth to 2 to 6 babies weighing just 200 grams.

They have blue eyes and brown skin, covered with black spots, which disappear when the little ones became about 6 months old. The color of their eyes also changes – in about four months it turns green – one of the most beautiful features in the outside of the puma.

puma, animal, fire land, americas lord, yukonThese wild cats reach sexual maturity between 2 and 3 years of age, then leave the mother’s lair. They live on average for about 21 years. The wildcat is a very talkable wildcat – it can make a variety of sounds: it can not roar like big wild cats, but it can squeak, whistle, and sometimes scream (maybe one of the names which is known as a mountain screaming cat). This sound is made only by the bloody females. And it’s probably very odd to hear it in the Amazon jungle, for example …


Since the arrival of the colonists in America, the Puma has been persistently persecuted – killing them for attacks on domestic animals and, albeit to a lesser extent, for their skin. But in spite of the “efforts” of the people, the number of these graceful and strong wild cats remains quite stable because the Puma is inventive and adaptable.

Of all 24 subspecies (according to some disputed classifications, there are even 32), only one is threatened with extinction, with grim predictions that this will happen after 25 to 40 years – the Puma concolor coryi in the photo on the right. It has long limbs, smaller paws, a smaller head, as if with a more vicious radiance and a darker reddish coat.

In the wild there are only 75 puppies of more than 500 at the beginning of the century. The threats that lie ahead are the drainage of the Everglades swamps, the sport hunt, mercury poisoning, cars and lack of genetic diversity. There are some breeding plans for crossing nearby populations of other subspecies and for returning young puppies back to the wild in hopes of creating a new stable population in Florida. But as long as the PUMPs continue to be destroyed in this state, their chances of survival will continue to decline.

puma, animal, fire land, americas lord, yukon
puma, animal, fire land, americas lord, yukon

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