San Bernard in Guinness

San Bernard, Guinness, San bernard dogSan Bernard in Guinness

Sanchez Mochi, Mo “Rickert of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, entered the guinness book of 18.58-inch language, the Daily Mail reported.

The previous record for dog language was 11.43 cm.

Since Mo’s tongue usually hangs from her mouth when she walks, people often look at her and laugh. But this is not affected, said her own Carla Rickert.

The image result of San Bernard has written the Guinness Book of almost 19 cm. tongue

Mochi, 8, will be known for her recording, but her long tongue sometimes hinders her breathing and sticks to more dirt and dust. She also receives her prizes with a spoon because she can not take them like other dogs.

San Bernard, Guinness, San bernard dogThe Ritter family takes the MO from an animal shelter when they are two years old. Carla says her daughter falls in love with her at first glance. She describes her as “a stubborn and cheerful dog of great character”.

The dog likes to dress in costumes and pose for pictures. She is happy when she is with her husband. Her favorite food is sweet potatoes.

San Bernard, Guinness, San Bernard dog

San Bernard play with kids
The San Bernardines are extremely intelligent, brave, friendly, loving, sensitive, and very devoted dogs who adore their owners and all of the family to which they belong. They do not like to stay alone for a long time, and they are great for both children and other pets. They have not accidentally received the glory of many noble dogs and the title of a gentle giant. To the strangers they are referring to suspicion, which makes many reliable defenders of home and family. San Bernard is predisposed to heart and eye problems, hip dysplasia and obesity, and is also very sensitive to heat. The average life span is about 8-10 years..

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