Saudi Prince bought 80 seats in the plane for his falcons

airplane, bird, bird airplane, falcons, saudi, saudi prince, saudi arabiaSaudi Prince bought 80 seats in a plane of Qatar Airlines for … his falcons. A picture of unusual passengers occupying the middle row of seats in the airplane’s first-class salon was distributed by a Reddit user and became a hit on social networks.

According to him, the photo was made by a friend of his, a pilot. “Falcon is the national symbol of the United Arab Emirates, and its image is present both on the coat of arms and on the banknotes.”  In the Arab world, falconry is a tribute and is practiced on a massive basis, and the Bedouins of the Saharan Oasis, the first in its nobility and nobility among all Arab tribes, with great passion practicing hunting with falcons, it is believed that a real Bedouin is the one who has at least one falcon, “said Pavel Dzhakimov, president of the Association for the Preservation of the Birds of Prey. Therefore, many airlines, including the United Arab Emirates national carrier, Etihad Airways, and Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airlines, allow the carriage of predatory birds in the saloon or cages in the luggage compartment.


airplane, bird, bird airplane, falcons, saudi, saudi prince, saudi arabia

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No sale of cats and pet dogs in Saudi Arabia is now under way. It is also forbidden to walk in public parks in the capital Riyadh. Authorities believe an afternoon stroll with the pet might endanger the morale of society. This prohibition seeks to prevent meetings between unmarried women and men.

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